CONTEXTSUITE is an agile data management and analytics platform

with unique AI services in the field of Natural Language Understanding

The platform automates the provision of business-critical, decision-relevant insights to internal and external customers – from distributed sources and on demand in near real-time.



High performance search that truly understands user intent

Understanding the query: every query leads to a hit
Technical language and concepts are recognized
Smart search suggestions: Self-learning, automated
Intelligent Ranking
Effective search filters
Editorial control


Match the important with the right

Flexible matching of any data and content
Matching of all product data, any content from marketing, sales, security, etc.
Easily connect and evaluate information and analysis results
Preview and quality control of matches in freely configurable dashboards
Intelligent dialogs guide through semantic information architectures


Insights on distributed data of all kinds

Crucial insights – tailored to your business
Real Time Evaluation based on the Smart Data Pipeline
Visual Dashboards Configuration by combining different visual charts on the Smart Data built from Big Data.
All elements are correlated with each other.
Interactive exploration of trends, issues, focal points or anomalies

COMPONENT architecture

Freely scalable – on-premise and in the cloud – with integrated AI

CONTEXTSUITE encompasses 20 years of MORESOPHY experience in a multi-layered technology and architecture:

from a true understanding of individual languages (at the level of morphology and syntax), the use of semantic models and ontologies, and state-of-the-art solutions in many areas of machine learning.

CXS Core (Data)

Simple storage of arbitrary data types

Structured and unstructured

Fast queries with flexible data links

Smart Data Pipeline

Data Analytics Pipelines

Microservices for intelligent data enrichment

Real-time processing and QA of incoming data streams

AI Service Hub

Microservices for Data Qualification

Standard and customer-specific

Advanced AI with Transfer Learning

Visual Analytics

Qualitative and quantitative monitoring

Professional transparency over distributed data

Rapid optimization cycles

Smart Search

Find quickly with smart suggestions

Editorial control

Preparation of training data for machine learning


Sophisticated Smart Data Pipeline
High end solution for high quality data with expressiveness and structure
Exploit minute amounts of data as well as gigantic amounts of global corporations

Cooperation with the business enabler MORESOPHY. Experience with business processes and digitalization, market understanding, customers, products, processes.

High level of expertise and passion for forward-looking technologies

One platform for the whole company
Cost savings and transfer of learnings through applications and business units of even large corporations.

360° view on digital workflow – internal and external

Highly dynamic and versatile adaptation to
critical challenges such as GDPR.


Cognitive, self-learning methods Understanding of human thinking, emotions and actions 

Data Waste? Zero! Whether input or output

From Unstructured Content to Smart Data:
Process texts, images, videos.
Even huge amounts of data of all kinds,
from any communication channel. (Internal and external: Open Web, enterprise data and knowledge, customers, markets, customer processes, communication).

Recognize and understand patterns and categories,
develop models from them and apply them consistently across your organization:
Adaptive: customer-, content-, and context-sensitive.

Built-in trained world knowledge through over 18 years of experience:
market segments, sentiments, entities, over 10 million concepts
with contextualization.

Sophisticated linguistics and semantics
Control relevance of search and matching.


Elasticsearch distribution with cognitive intelligence

Compatible with all standard sources and formats
High reliability of models and forecasts

Simple aggregation and cross-linking of all sources (internal and external)

Machine Learning Methods
A Foundation of Artificial Intelligence
Recognizing Rules and Patterns Validly, Generalizing, and Making Decisions.

Deep Learning
Going one step deeper with neural network models
Statistics, data mining and the right algorithms work in the background, visual dashboards with high usability make insights easy to execute

With microservices and Kubernetes esimply scale and adapt to business needs

Fast integration through flexible middleware architecture: into all platforms (shops, CMS, search engines) or as
out-of-the-box solution with intuitive web interface.
One API for all components – with high performance.