A dynamic information architecture boosts the relevance & quality of your contents. The moresophy information architects support you in the intelligent conception with the help of semantic technologies.Find relevance where others only see big data. We bring big data & semantics together - with intelligent software solutions.More success in content delivery: closer to your target group with relevant content & products.More success in content marketing with moresophy: thanks to L4 content manager Laura is happy again.
Information Architecture: intelligent matching of topics & content creates more quality & relevance for your content.Discover significance & relevance in big data: semantic software by moresophy creates intelligent business solutions.With L4 you deliver content in the correct context - adjusted for the needs of your target groups!Learn in our video how the L4 suite helped Laura with her content marketing.

Dynamic Information Architectures

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your content. Information Architectures help you generate high quality and target group-optimized content. The intelligent networking of topics and content helps you create relevance.

Your advantages:

  • Infrastructures for the organisation, preparation and delivery of content & data
  • Standardisation of concepts for data & content processing
  • Gain business value from meta data & integration of thematic structures

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L4® Suite for intelligent content solutions

Set new standards in your content business! With our L4® Suite you create new content dynamically. L4®  is flexibly integrable and, thanks to the SolR Server Cloud, able to run Big Data Analyses.

What L4® offers you

  • Multi-capable use for Smart Content Services, Content Marketing & Content Curation
  • Intelligent layer between applications & data sources
  • Optimal mix of automation & dynamical management of products & content

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Customer Reviews


"The competence, engagement, flexibility, the ‚open ear‘ and the reliability were essential for our purchasing decision. The excellent support of our customers during the search and exploratory scanning of content convinced us."



Michael Kienzler, Produkt Manager

Haufe Lexware

"The purchased technology and its intelligent implementation proved itself from the beginning. The linkage of big data amounts and the savings in the editorial processes for the creation, administration and sustaining of linkings convinced us the most."



Ralf Backes, Chief Editor Business Clients
Deutsche Telekom

"Moresophy helps us dynamically adapt our learning and specialized subject content regarding changing framework conditions and target groups. By that, we could decisively improve our editorial processes."



Kim E. Sienkiewicz, Global Practice Director
International Institute for Learning, Inc. New York

"Thanks to the web-based middleware architecture, the L4® Suite could be integrated perfectly in our online portal. The user experience could be improved decisively with the intelligent search."



Stefan Appelhans, Managing Director
K.Lab  Berlin (Klett-Gruppe)

"The powerful add-on modules of L4® Suite helped us generate a higher quantity and quality of relevant hits in our Munzinger Online Search. And this without additional technical or editorial efforts."



Ernst Munzinger,  Managing Director
Munzinger Archiv GmbH

"The structured access to information with L4®influences the whole business process of compensation of insurance payments and private assets in a considerably positive way. This affects the quality of case decisions, the fast and correct loss investigations as well as the customer friendly claims handling."



Hermann Sutter, Director 
Helvetia Versicherungen Schweiz


For the first time, the online communication conference (OCC) 2013 takes place in Munich. Together with Alexander Thoma (contentXXL), Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier speaks about Content Relationship Management and the dynamic management of content. 

Meet and talk with us at table session TS-09 on november 6 in Berlin at E:PUBLISH, congress for new publishing in Berlin. Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier shows which concepts promise most success in content marketing and digital publishing. 

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