Denodo and MORESOPHY agree on partnership


MORESOPHY and Denodo, leading providers of data analytics and AI and data virtualization solutions, are now working together to help organizations achieve better business outcomes through improved data quality and a better understanding of the semantics of data.


Denodo Partner

Award won: Best technology - dpr award


Munich-based technology company MORESOPHYreceives this year’s dpr award in the “Process / Technology” category for its outstanding achievements in the form of the CONTEXTCLOUDSaaS platform.

The award-winning solution is aimed at editorial teams and content strategists in all areas of the digital economy – from publishers and media houses to content creators in marketing and strategic corporate communications. It offers media professionals comprehensive insights into the thematic positioning and effectiveness of their own media offerings.

The award was presented on October 5 as part of the dpr Digital Conference. The award ceremony will take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair – on Thursday, October 20, 4 p.m., Hall 3.1, F35.


Unique language understanding as the basis for successful digital communication

For content providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach their target groups effectively in the flood of information on the Internet. With the help of CONTEXTCLOUD, media experts in publishing houses and corporate marketing and communications departments can now solve this problem by looking into the digital crystal ball. You can quickly and reliably identify what is important and get a clear explanation of how and why via visual charts.

Behind it is an artificial intelligence developed by moresophy. For 20 years now, an interdisciplinary team of data experts and linguists at moresophy has been working on unique algorithms for comprehensive language understanding. To do this, the platform scours large amounts of content on the WWW and detects even the finest nuances in language and expression in hundreds of subject domains and in different target groups.

The moresophy convinced the jury of experts, which included representatives from Microsoft, Hubspot and the German Publishers & Booksellers Association (Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels). The latter emphasizes the high quality of the results and is impressed by what moresophy has been achieving for many years with a comparatively small team.

Solution for more transparency and quality of digital media – from quality journalism to contextual advertising

The value of the technology becomes particularly clear when viewed against the backdrop of current events. The Club of Rome sees for our global society “the most significant problem […] in the collective inability to distinguish between fact and fiction” . Our digital media system is based on business models that remunerate clicks and attention and unilaterally promote algorithmically controlled campaigns regardless of their quality and veracity. The technology of moresophy makes the content quality of media measurable and comparable. It thus provides the basis for data-driven business models that focus on quality and effectiveness.


“The award, with its reference to the high quality of results, is not only a reward for moresophy’s decades of pioneering work. Above all, it is further incentive to help our customers and the entire digital media system achieve greater transparency and sustainability.”

Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier, Managing Director of moresophy GmbH


moresophy technology is used in all areas of the digital media value chain. It supports companies in researching markets and customer needs, content strategists in designing sustainable editorial concepts, and advertisers in contextual playout and effectiveness analysis of their advertising messages.

In addition, the platform also enables risks in digital communication to be identified. It identifies hate speech and racist tendencies as well as aspects of sustainability and diversity. Accordingly, the technology is increasingly being used in the corporate environment for forensic purposes and compliance monitoring – for example, in connection with the Supply Chain Act.


Read the press release here.

MORESOPHY at VForen in Leipzig


The financial industry has always been one of MORESOPHY‘s key focus markets.

Concrete solutions are mostly implemented in one of the following application areas:

    1. In close coordination with the respective specialist departments, we develop AI-supported process automations or offer AI-based process support.
    2. We augment, classify, clean distributed, unstructured and disparate data, thus making it high quality and usable for further processing in the company.

Therefore we are of course present at the
conference for Data Driven Insurance from 18.10.22 to 19.10.22 in Leipzig.
with a booth.

Feel free to stop by and see for yourself the countless smart AI solutions we have already implemented.

We look forward to meeting you again in person!


Buy a ticket here.

CONTEXTCLOUD on shortlist of the dpr award 2022


Our latest AI platform CONTEXTCLOUD has been shortlisted for the dpraward 2022 in the category “Process / Technology”.

And once again, CONTEXTCLOUD has proven how relevant and high quality our AI-powered analytics are on open web content.

Because never before has it been possible to automatically analyze the content of all your own content with AI and then even compare it with more than a million other websites (e.g. from competitors). On the thematic level with semantic as well as complex linguistic analyses.

Our Artificial Intelligence decodes each topic, shows connections to other contexts and even tracks trends. Down to the smallest niche. With one click.

These analyses can be used in an enormous number of use cases.

🔴 Discover more information and possible applications here:

🔴 Read about the CONTEXTCLOUD analyses here in the blog:

🔖 Read the jury’s reasoning here:

Target group optimized publishing - digital conference


Here, our CEO and founder Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier, Thomas Weinberger, the CEO of SiteFusion, the leading content management and workflow solution for publishers, and media consultant Christian Kohl will provide information on trends and solutions for AI-supported publishing. The conference is aimed primarily at managing directors, editors and product managers in trade publishers, but also at anyone interested in the media.

Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier will answer the most important questions about AI in media business and provide exciting and unique insights into the content management of the future in his lecture on the topic “Hand in hand with AI – how to optimally address your target groups and inspire them with customized content“.

There will always be the opportunity to have critical and constructive discussions with the speakers about the future of the media and thus to engage in a lively exchange.

⏳ Duration: 2 hours
📅 Date: 05/25/22, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
💰 Cost: Free of charge

Watch part 1 of the webinar:

Watch part 2 of the webinar:

Watch part 3 of the webinar:

Read blog post #1 on the topic of “Target group optimized publishing with AI”.


Interview: Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier talks to c't about GPT-3 and his concerns.


In the last issue of the magazine Computer Technik c’t(c’t 9/2022), Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier was able to present our platform CONTEXTSUITE and explain how it is able to classify documents using AI, for example.

In addition, Beier explained why MORESOPHY explicitly decided against the use of GPT-3. MORESOPHY stands for data protection and transparency with the self-image of #TrustedAI and therefore offers a counter design to the non-transparent black box systems of large US-American providers.

Read the full article with heise+.




Have you ever applied for sick pay?

Customer experience is not usually remembered positively in this context. But it is precisely such everyday processes that can be used to make a lasting impression on customers of financial service providers.

In our webinar on December 9, our experts will talk about the importance of a Customer Data Journey in insurance – a collaboration between MORESOPHY GmbH, Macros Reply GmbH and Syskoplan Reply.

Register here to join the free webinar session.


AVACO and moresophy agree on comprehensive collaboration in the field of an AI-supported digital platform for communication and commerce


AVACO GmbH and MORESOPHYGmbH have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation in the field of intelligent communication and collaboration solutions. With the integrated overall solution, AVACO offers a strong alternative “Made in Germany” to the often non-transparent and only conditionally data protection-compliant solutions of the large platform operators.

Companies have a high demand for intelligent solutions to cope with the digital transformation

With the Corona pandemic, awareness of the opportunities offered by digital transformation has reached the breadth of society. Most companies are even more urgently faced with the challenge of how to reconcile the demands of their employees with operational requirements. Flexible working hours and privacy protection on the one hand and effective collaboration in compliance with the strictest data protection regulations do not have to be a contradiction in terms. With “workpage”, AVACO offers an optimized portal solution for digital communication and collaboration – in and between companies as well as for municipalities and educational institutions.

As the number of users increases, the intelligent, interest-based linking of users, groups and a wide variety of content is a critical function for success. Users want to discover interesting people and articles quickly and reliably and be informed in a targeted manner about news that is important to them.

“Together with moresophy, we can fully deliver on our user promise. The AVACO platform combines the functional scope of various individual solutions for collaboration, video conferencing and task management on one platform – and the whole thing is completely “Made in Germany” – with the corresponding guarantee of the highest data security standards and a real language understanding of AI.

Wilfried Maiworm, Managing Director of AVACO GmbH

AI-supported matching in real time is the guarantor for targeted, effective collaboration

In the future, people and relevant information will find each other even better on the AVACO platform: proactively, qualified and profitable. They easily identify key issues and trends and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the needs and interests of their collaborative partners. Knowledge is thus used more quickly in products that meet needs, innovations and for systematic competence development. In addition to firmly integrated standard solutions, the partners also offer complementary solutions for AI-supported data analyses. This allows knowledge workers to seamlessly integrate external data and know-how into their workplace or obtain an always up-to-date “big picture” of your company via customized data cockpits.

“AVACO’s workpage solution is the ideal blueprint for the intelligent features of our CONTEXTSUITE data management platform. Our AI’s understanding of language, matured over hundreds of customer solutions, is the lubricant to simplify the processes of interaction on the platform and reliably connect what’s important with what’s right.”

Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier, Managing Partner of moresophy GmbH

With this cooperation, AVACO is expanding the scope of its solutions. The online platform, developed by AVACO itself, offers a wide variety of users (companies, organizations and people) the possibility of ad-free networking. The platform has the unique selling point of uniting already existing stand-alone solutions within the platform as a complete solution. The concept is aimed at companies and organizations as well as employees, customers, suppliers, members and partners, cities and municipalities, and clubs and associations. Customer-specific approaches are integrated into the overall concept on an individualized basis. The goal is sustainable, transparent and extensive digitization with the integration of social media components – naturally DSGVO-compliant.


AVACO GmbH is a future-oriented IT company specializing in professional and fully comprehensive digitization strategies. It offers individual portal and intranet solutions for municipalities, companies, associations and clubs based on cutting-edge technologies with a focus on the user experience for communication, commerce and collaboration. The broad-based team with many years of experience from various industries is the perfect partner for progressive digitization – DSGVO-compliant, hosted in Germany and with the highest security standards.

About moresophy

moresophy is a leading provider of software solutions for high-quality, relevant data with meaning and structure. In its software platform CONTEXTSUITE, moresophy combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and sophisticated semantics for searching, matching, structuring and evaluating data and content of all kinds. With 20 years of experience in the use of cognitive technologies, MORESOPHY successfully supports corporations and market leaders in all industries in the automation and value optimization of digital business models and processes.


linguistics with chinese characters

Contextual understanding of Chinese - confident in dealing with global business partners


Do you know what opportunities and risks are hidden in all the documents you share digitally with suppliers, customers and other business partners? Companies also use MORESOPHY‘s CONTEXTSUITE, among other things, to automatically fulfill compliance with regard to communication and security guidelines through intelligent content analysis. At the latest since the Chinese Cyber Security Laws came into force, this has become even more important for content encoded in Chinese.

CONTEXTSUITE’s deep, contextual text understanding is currently still limited to Indo-European languages. In a current project at MORESOPHY, an interdisciplinary team of linguists and machine learning experts is working on solutions to achieve the same level of context understanding for Asian languages. The Chinese language works fundamentally differently. Coding of characters, morphology and syntax to a strongly context-dependent meaning of symbols. To do more than just recognize keywords, but to draw reliable conclusions from documents, more advanced engineering is needed.

moresophy has its own patent-pending analysis technology that detects the relevance of words in different contexts. The AI automatically recognizes different meanings and connotations of words. For example, she distinguishes between the use of “brain” in medical texts or in statements such as “Turn on your brain!”. It recognizes risk issues as well as expressed emotions. The goal of the project is to achieve this level of understanding for Chinese as well. This opens up a wide range of potential solutions for our globally positioned customers and in all areas of communication and marketing.

Publishing headers

Digital Business Models for Regional Media Houses - In Search of the Holy Grail


The creeping end of the free culture offers media companies new opportunities to monetize their content. But greater competitive pressure and users spoiled by hyperscalers demand smart yet cost-effective solutions.

In a Lecture for decision-makers at German media companies is provided by Dr. Heiko Beier, founder of the MORESOPHY and professor of international media communication will provide an overview of existing and future use scenarios of artificial intelligence in the field of digital media – with a special focus on the editorial processes for planning, creating and publishing content to establish successful paid content models. Affordable and profitable, yet more than just click-bait and at the same time in line with privacy regulations.

In doing so, Prof. Beier shares his experience from projects with trade publishers as well as completely different industries with structurally the same challenges (including customer service and churn management). A key recipe for sustainable success is establishing an overarching data strategy – for editorial, marketing, and customer service – and a process of machine learning from all connected data sources.

GVL and moresophy automate data management for the exploitation of ancillary copyrights


The GVL – Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten – and MORESOPHYGmbH have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation in the field of digital transformation. The GVL is thus further increasing its investments in the automation of all core data management processes with the aim of making the remuneration of performing artists and record producers for their ancillary copyrights even more efficient.

MORESOPHY‘s solution portfolio thus covers all relevant areas of value creation in the media business. From publishing and digital marketing to rights exploitation, the intelligent, contextualized processing and analysis of data streams in real time is fuelling process productivity and opening up the potential for new business models.

Data-driven risk monitoring - presentation at the TDWI conference in June 2021.


This year, the TDWI community for enterprise data analytics will meet under the motto “ADVANCING ALL THINGS DATA”. MORESOPHYwill present on June 21 together with Viridium – Germany’s largest run-off insurer – how companies can implement an agile enterprise-wide data strategy using the example of risk monitoring. The solution is representative of the core challenges that – not only in the financial sector – can be implemented in a standardized way on the CONTEXTSUITE . Next-generation data management not only creates comprehensive transparency across diverse data pots, but also enables real-time answers to critical business questions – automated through the combined analysis of various sources – historical as well as current, internal as well as external, structured as well as unstructured.

CONTEXTCLOUD: Next generation of data analytics as a service


No matter whether you want to monitor competitor activities, analyze your target groups or integrate relevant environmental knowledge into your own business processes: via MORESOPHY‘s CONTEXTCLOUD, you can provide yourself with the information that is critical to your success in a targeted and always up-to-date manner.

With the CONTEXTCLOUDoperates MORESOPHYa separate instance of its data analysis platform CONTEXTSUITE. The data basis for the cloud solution is Open Web content, which is combined with the smart data analyses of the CONTEXTSUITE can be condensed, enriched and translated into valuable knowledge. MORESOPHY‘s clients use the service to monitor the activities of competitors or target customers, among other things. Integrated AI effectively qualifies events and developments relevant to your business based on various models. These can be easily accessed on visual analytics dashboards.

Own documents can now also be quickly and easily enriched with knowledge from over 700 different domains via the cloud service. The service not only identifies what is relevant in a document, but also supplements it with contextual knowledge that is crucial for business situations. Relevant topics in the environment allow you to take a step in the analysis from “what” to “why”.

Contact us to get your personal access code to the demo app!

How Computers Learn to Understand Language - Worth Reading in the SMART DATA Blog


Computers process numerically encoded data at high speed and in large quantities. However, how is it possible to binary map a natural, human language and give the computer an understanding of texts and their meaning?

Our multi-part blog post uses examples to highlight the challenges for digital natural language processing and provides appropriate solutions.

relemind turns the market upside down in data protection-compliant advertising


In 2018, relemind GmbH was founded as a spin-off of MORESOPHY. The company has now established itself as a market-leading innovator in the use of privacy-compliant advertising. The relemind platform builds on CONTEXTSUITE and uses the data learned from content with the AI software for web-based services for the planning, playout and qualitative evaluation of digital advertising campaigns.

Persona models of CONTEXTSUITE : Reaching target groups optimally without user data


Are you wondering how to successfully optimize your own communication to different target groups?
As the next product innovation, CONTEXTSUITE now also offers an AI-based classification of content according to target group interests. Whether business professionals, household decision makers, trendsetters or hopeless romantics: with CONTEXTSUITE you can automatically evaluate your content according to its “fit” to different target groups and generate persona-specific content clusters.

How smart can a search slot be? Worth reading in the SMART DATA Blog


Search is ubiquitous and users are spoiled by the search experience on Google. Therefore, they expect other searches to be correspondingly good. But that is easier said than done. Already in the initial contact – the behavior of the search slot – a user senses whether the search engine understands him or not. In our short series of articles, we present how an intelligent search slot contributes to user satisfaction – and what has to be done in the background on a technical level. In this first part, we describe the challenges at the level of different writing styles.

PwC Germany and MORESOPHY simplify compliance processes in IT security and data protection


PwC Germany has been a strategic partner of MORESOPHY, pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automated analysis of unstructured information, since June 30, 2020. PWC thus completes its solution portfolio for the protection of sensitive data with universal intelligence for the evaluation of any documents distributed in the company.


CONTEXTSUITE on Kubernetes - Your digital knowledge store grows with you


The large cloud platforms offer highly scalable solutions and the ability to flexibly adapt capacity to requirements. However, key data protection and governance issues remain unresolved. And at the latest, anyone who entrusts highly sensitive information to software will, in case of doubt, opt for hybrid or private-cloud strategies.
MORESOPHYhas the right solution for both scenarios: with the latest release, CONTEXTSUITEsupports Kubernetes, a tool valued by many DevOps.


Denodo and MORESOPHY agree on partnership for improved data quality in companies.

CONTEXTCLOUD wins dpr award for best technology in digital media.

MORESOPHY represented at the Versicherungsforen from 18-19.10.22 in Leipzig.

MORESOPHY’s software CONTEXTCLOUD on the shortlist of the dpr award.

Digital Conference: Target Group Optimized Publishing in May 2022.

Interview: Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier talks to c’t magazine about GPT-3 and the data protection concerns.


AVACO and MORESOPHYagree to extensive collaboration on AI-powered digital platform for communication and commerce

Contextual understanding of Chinese – confident in dealing with global business partners

Digital Business Models for Regional Media Houses – In Search of the Holy Grail

GVL and MORESOPHYautomate data management for the exploitation of ancillary copyrights

Data-driven risk monitoring – presentation at the TDWI conference in June 2021.

CONTEXTCLOUD: Next generation of data analytics as a service

How Computers Learn to Understand Language – Worth Reading in the SMART DATA Blog

relemind turns the market upside down in data protection-compliant advertising

Persona models of CONTEXTSUITE : Reaching target groups optimally without user data

How smart can a search slot be? Worth reading in the SMART DATA Blog

PwC Germany and MORESOPHYsimplify compliance processes in IT security and data protection

CONTEXTSUITE on Kubernetes – Your digital knowledge store grows with you

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