Develop yourself continuously in the context of an interdisciplinary, well-coordinated team.

MORESOPHY is continuously developing
With a focus on innovative, benefit-generating technologies, new exciting projects and international customers.

TOP customers trust in MORESOPHY, with the CONTEXTSUITE, CONTEXTCLOUD and innovative solutions also together with our partners we conquer step by step different markets.

From project managers, linguists and mathematicians, from developers and physicists to professors and students – everyone here contributes to fluent collaboration.

Be in the thick of it – get ahead in our team
Close to TOP customersand tasks, interdisciplinary colleagues and with contemporary working conditions.
We are looking for people who are passionate about digital media and technologies, who are only satisfied with the best solution and know what counts in the IT market.


Corporate culture

WITH each other we are on fire
And what do we value as an employer? Quite simple – on people

  • Trust and reliability – uncomplicated and binding
  • Commitment and high quality standards – a strong drive of our own
  • Customer orientation – a proactive, trusting cooperation
  • Respect and fairness – internally, with customers and partners


Our terrific workers, thinkers and experts
Hands On, Brain On – that’s who we are, so you fit in with us

  • Enjoying the challenge – with highly complex topics and requirement scenarios
  • Perseverance and flexibility – for new ways and solutions
  • Customer Understanders and Perspective Changers
  • In-depth know-how and a feel for the reality and future of the data world
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation – WITH each other professionally

Senior and Young Professionals

Do you bring seniority, are confident through years of experience, distinguish hypes from customer needs, and want to get ahead?
Do you want to get started, bring the upbeat spirit of a young professional and can also work with a start-up mentality?

“Working at MORESOPHY means for me that not only information, but also experiences, opinions and moods are exchanged within the whole team.
This listening, learning, respecting, considering and appreciating is a tremendous drive
every workday.”

Ulrike Handelshauser

Students enrich our team

We promote you as a student employee and let you dive deep into the IT world. You can also write your final thesis with us, i.e. your bachelor’s, master’s or diploma thesis, preferably in subjects from the fields of computer science, business administration, media or linguistics.

“The project is so interesting and fits my interest, but even more so because you have established an atmosphere at MORESOPHY which is just awesome. My colleagues are really cool to work with and learn from”.



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