CONTEXTSUITE  - Profitable automation of complex processes


Successfully implementAI solutions with CONTEXTSUITE & CONTEXTCLOUD

Do you want to enrich billions of data with Smart Data?

Making the right, even irrevocable and safety-critical decisions in milliseconds?

Identify the right personal data in over 1000 document formats according to GDPR?

Answer customer inquiries automatically and intelligently?

Recognize moods, attitudes towards your product and use them for development and marketing?

This is what artificial intelligence does in CONTEXTSUITE: Search, find, structure, discover and decide. With the Data Analytics Platform, you can easily integrate overarching intelligence into powerful online and enterprise architectures. Leverage the efficiency of intelligent automation in digital workflows.

CONTEXTSUITE generates Smart Data with expressiveness and structure. This is how the principle of “ZERO DATA WASTE” works: Even unstructured, unmanageable, unrelated, seemingly incongruous information from all internal and external sources becomes valuable. Use meaningful dashboards to visualize all digital workflows and insights in an appealing way.

Our interdisciplinary experts have created a Technology Platform that has been up to date for almost 20 years: Flexibly adaptable to your industry, content, company processes – across the company.
CONTEXTSUITE comes to you pre-trained, continues to learn, and is straightforward to implement. As a fully component-based and freely scalable platform, adaptable to your specific use case. From business enablers for business enablers.



and let the power of MORESOPHY’s AI convince you.

Focus markets and applications already implemented



Wherever media professionals need to rely on data, MORESOPHY ‘s AI-powered solutions help make the right decisions based on data. With CONTEXTCLOUD & CONTEXTSUITE.

Maketing Intelligence

  • Data-driven content and campaign strategy
  • Analysis of target group interests
  • SWOT and market analyses
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Semantic Content Optimization


  • Content analysis and meta-data enrichment
  • Semantic search
  • Intelligent recommendations and links

Protection and exploitation of rights

  • Cleanup, qualification and matching of uses.
  • Detection of fraud and usage rights violations

Risk / Compliance

Wherever companies have to make decisions based on a multitude of information and data, our CONTEXTSUITE software platform delivers decisive advantages.

Risk Management

  • KYC analyses for B2B customers
  • Analysis, early detection, mitigation of cancellation & fraud.

Legal Support

  • Analysis and optimization
    of contract portfolios
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence Support

Data Privacy

  • Automated identification and deletion of personal data
  • Anonymization of data

Information Security

  • Automated classification of documents according to
    Sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Content-aware IAM


Wherever insurers have to make a decision based on a multitude of information and data, our CONTEXTSUITE software platform delivers powerful solutions.

Damage and performance

  • Automation of verification & application processes
  • Intelligent damage assessment
  • Data enrichment for RPA processes
  • Data analytics for recourse and fraud

Sales and service

  • Automated contract information
  • 360° support for customer service

Risk & Product

  • AI-supported analysis and evaluation of inventories
  • AI-supported inventory migration
  • Big data analytics for underwriting


In any industry, for all target groups and products, you can automate complex processes easily and profitably.
Data processes in your specific context.

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