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with customized AI from moresophy


MORESOPHY helps you meet the challenges of digital competition for increasingly demanding customers – for more attention from the right target groups, compelling content in digital publishing and automated customer service.

With CONTEXTSUITE‘s award-winning AI solution, you become more effective and save costs at the same time – in many areas from planning and implementing your communication strategy to conversion-optimizing recommendation services in your portals to automated response systems in digital customer service.

Our solutions for

Digital marketing

Whether in content marketing or corporate communications, successful communication is customer-centric and depends on a nuanced understanding of target group interests, competition, and identifying your individual “sweet spot” that makes you recognizably unique.

MORESOPHY offers a unique SaaS platform to maximize the effectiveness of your digital campaigns and sustainably increase your content ROI.

Target group analysis with CONTEXTSUITE

Analyze target groups

Immerse yourself in the lifeworlds of your target groups and understand their interests and needs.

Using MORESOPHY‘s unique, patent-pending AI technology for deep, context-sensitive understanding and interactive dashboards to identify the right “triggers” in communicating with your target audiences.

Topic analysis with CONTEXTSUITE

Strategic planning

With MORESOPHY, you learn how your target groups perceive your offer thematically compared to the competition.

MORESOPHY provides you with automated and data-driven topic architecture and editorial planning that is optimal for your company, your products and your brand core.

Compare your own communication with the competition with CONTEXTSUITE

Communicate effectively

Focus on what makes your communication truly successful.

Whether as input for your content editorial team or to promote generative AI like ChatGPT: MORESOPHY provides you with structured data and insights for the conception of your content in web and social media.

This way, you invest less in content production overall, but in exactly the right content!

Our solutions for

Digital Publishing

Media houses, trade publishers and content aggregators benefit from intelligent services in the implementation of innovative, profitable business models in the new age of artificial intelligence.

For more visibility on the web.

Content is dynamically tailored to user interests.

All this with AI-based algorithms for optimal effectiveness of your content.

Deep understanding

CONTEXTSUITE's AI understands what is at the core of each content piece. This enables an extremely fine-grained view of all content in unprecedented depth!


Over 700 theme categories

The more than 700 theme categories cover all the topics of this world. Structured as metadata for each content immediately available!


Any fine granular

The AI classifications are arbitrarily fine-granular and, depending on the level, provide a rough overview or a fine understanding in each smallest individual topic.



Available in many languages


Our award-winning CONTEXTSUITE gives you all the components you need to quickly and effectively apply AI to your own content and play to your strengths even more digitally.


        • AI-based analytics and metadata enrichment for your content portfolio
        • AI-powered semantic search and natural question answering optimized for your own content
        • Intelligent recommendation services for relevant content – reliable and privacy-compliant even without user consent

Our solutions for

Customer Service

With MORESOPHY’s AI solutions, you measure more than just NPS and CSAT: you gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ questions and problems and deliver the appropriate answers automatically.

This minimizes your customer service efforts and proactively serves and engages your customers at digital touchpoints:

Classification of emotions

AI-powered analysis of mood, emotions, occasions and problems of their customers

      • In real time, qualitatively and quantitatively
      • With interactive dashboards and exploratory drill-downs to analyze focal points, anomalies, and trends
      • with configurable and expandable filters on the views relevant for you (from product categories to different sales channels)
Smart search application of CONTEXTSUITE

Automate customer service

      • Semantic search in FAQs, community content or knowledge bases
      • with self-learning AI for appropriate search suggestions and answering questions in natural language
      • With pre-trained AI and the ability to quickly optimize AI for your own content.



CONTEXTSUITE supports you in all areas related to media. From content analysis, to content optimization, to smart distribution optimization. Our AI understands you, your portfolio, your customers and the market.
Let us convince you!

CONTEXT ANALYSIS of the data analytics platform CONTEXTSUITE

API services for content production, distribution, text analytics, and portfolio analysis

Content enrichment

Turn unstructured text into valuable information and realize the full potential of your media content with MORESOPHY’s AI-based solution.

Integrate today the content enrichment and document analysis services of the CONTEXTSUITE into your workflow.

You can connect the following API services to your workflow today:

      • Content classification (fine-grained thematic classification of your content according to a proprietary topic taxonomy in more than 700 topic fields)
      • Risk classification (over 18 risks from Hate Speech, Eroticism, over Sustainability and Diversity).
      • Relevant phrase extraction based on our huge knowledge graph
      • Sentiment analysis
      • Named Entity Recognition (NER)
      • uvm.

Available in many languages.
All Smart Data types with relevance and precision scores.

Topic analysis

Unleash the power of your content and cover topics in their entirety.
Understand topics holistically as you write with intelligent suggestions and analysis using MORESOPHY‘s huge semantic artificial intelligence knowledge graphs with knowledge from billions of web pages.

Integrate CONTEXTSUITE ‘s topic analysis services into your workflow today.


You can connect to the following API services today:

      • Topics to Context (
        leading thematic context to a keyword
      • Topics in Context (
        topics linked in different contexts to one keyword
      • Similar Phrases (
        related, similar phrases to a keyword

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ALL this combined in one standard platform


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CONTEXTSUITE comes to you as you need it.

Whether as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or as an integral part of your own IT infrastructure.

MORESOPHY offers fair, transparent business models – without lock-in effects.

You retain sovereignty over your data without having to entrust it to a central, cloud-based AI.

CONTEXTSUITE– for highest transparency and quality in modern
Data mesh architectures.

CONTEXTSUITE– for secure, reliable success in the use of AI – thanks to robust, “end-to-end” engineering in the adaptation of state-of-the-art language models to your requirements.

CONTEXTSUITE- designed for deep integration into your corporate structure – thanks to open interfaces to your data sources and applications.

CONTEXTSUITE is funded by the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection
CONTEXTSUITE receives funding again

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CONTEXT ANALYSIS of the data analytics platform CONTEXTSUITE
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