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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CONTEXTSUITE and its use for the fast, reliable implementation of AI solutions.

What is the CONTEXTSUITE ?

CONTEXTSUITE is a component-based data management and analytics platform for rapid reliable deployment of enterprise and online applications using artificial intelligence techniques. The software offers automated understanding for the analysis and evaluation of data and information of all kinds. CONTEXTSUITE has special unique selling points in the area of natural language understanding. The patent-pending DEEP-CONTEXT technology automatically recognizes the context-specific meaning of words in different contexts and language usage in different domains.

For whom is CONTEXTSUITE the right choice?

CONTEXTSUITE is used by leading companies as a central component of their digitization strategy. With its coordinated components, the software is scalably prepared for very different requirements. From specialized expert systems with an extremely high demand for precision to arbitrarily scalable cloud applications for the implementation of data-driven business models.

CONTEXTSUITE enables a fast, solution-oriented entry into the world of artificial intelligence with immediate benefits and, due to its flexible architecture, a wide range of options for horizontal and vertical scalability and customization to meet your own requirements.

The use of CONTEXTSUITE is particularly suitable when the implementation of intelligent data solutions is not departmentalized and siloed, but when an overarching intelligence is to be built. For this purpose CONTEXTSUITE combines all necessary technologies, algorithms and AI models.

Which solutions and use cases does CONTEXTSUITE support?

The CONTEXTSUITE is the result of 20 years of experience of moresophy in designing intelligent data structures and software architects. As a modular system, the software is flexibly designed for different areas of application and use cases. It has proven particularly useful in content management (for automated meta-data enrichment and content optimization), for generating semantic knowledge graphs, for semantic analysis and evaluation of cross-silo information, and for matching data and unstructured information.

The solutions implemented with CONTEXTSUITE focus on digital media (publishing, rights exploitation, advertising) and data governance (implementation of DSGVO, protection of sensitive information, forensic analyses). In addition, CONTEXTSUITE provides automated evaluation of comprehensive information in knowledge-intensive processes in dozens of use cases (to support sales and service processes as well as to check damages, risks and fraud cases).

Who works with CONTEXSUITE?

CONTEXTSUITE offers powerful applications for business users and data scientists. Analysts, editors, and other subject matter experts get intuitive applications for search and exploratory analysis and evaluation of complex data sets – across disparate data pots and sources. CONTEXTSUITE structures these independently for you and in your sense and thus enables secured, qualified evaluations and decisions in the shortest possible time using all possible sources (internal as well as external).

Data Scientists get a powerful, flexible system to design process- and domain-specific solutions: at the level of data structures, AI models, processing pipelines, and visual dashboards or search applications.

Is CONTEXTSUITE an AI platform?

Yes. CONTEXTSUITE integrates and combines a variety of different artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. However, the platform is not just a construction kit for engineers, but provides comprehensive AI models pre-trained on the basis of billions of pieces of content for immediate use in several languages.

As a fully component-based and freely scalable platform, the software is used by enterprises to build their own AI layer in their back-end systems. Without “lock-in” to one cloud platform or another and with complete control over your own data.

Is CONTEXTSUITE a low-code platform?

Yes. CONTEXTSUITE is a modular system for the implementation and operation of applications for the dynamic qualification and analysis of distributed data sources. The platform features the four essential elements of a low-code platform according to Forrester Research:

  • Model-driven development

  • Reusability

  • Support beyond the development phase

  • Cloud-based deployment
Which standard applications does CONTEXTSUITE offer?

CONTEXTSUITE provides powerful applications for semantic search and visual exploratory analysis of unstructured information.

With SMART SEARCH, CONTEXTSUITE offers an intelligent search solution with AI-based filters and predictive auto-suggest. Business users can use it not only to search for complex information in a targeted manner, but also to edit meta data and thus control the relevance ranking of the search. In combination with the intelligent enrichment of documents, SMART SEARCH is particularly suitable for building specialized, vertical search solutions for subject matter experts as well as in e-business for the development of extensive product portfolios.

Visual Analytics is the central application hub for the explorative analysis and evaluation of information and data of all kinds. Even completely unstructured information from any internal and external sources can be aggregated and evaluated in a structured way in Visual Analytics. The tool is used especially by analysts for processes of strategy development, in risk management or – on external sources – for various applications of market, customer and competition analysis. For data scientists, visual analytics is also a workbench for assuring the quality of the results of AI procedures.

Does CONTEXTSUITE use open source software - components (OSS)?

Like most modern software solutions, CONTEXTSUITE also uses various mature OSS components. With Elasticsearch and Kubernetes as integrated components of the architecture, licensees of CONTEXTSUITE receive components that have proven themselves in the use of the largest Internet platforms. The platform makes these components easy to manage and provides a comprehensive range of AI-based services to structure information quickly and appropriately. Scalable and real-time.

CONTEXTSUITE thus offers an open architecture with technology components that are either already in use in your company today or are useful strategic components of a modern IT infrastructure independently of CONTEXTSUITE .

Which algorithms does CONTEXTSUITE use for cognitive computing?

CONTEXTSUITE integrates a comprehensive set of artificial intelligence techniques. These include, in particular, modern machine learning techniques (deep learning, supervised learning for classification, and clustering and predictive analytics). Like humans in natural language, CONTEXTSUITE complements this with a deep understanding of individual languages (at the level of morphology, syntax and rules). Through carefully tuned multi-level processing, CONTEXTSUITE provides a universally applicable understanding of language and texts of any domain. The platform provides not only algorithms, but specifically dozens of different AI models – pre-trained by moresophy based on billions of pieces of web content – for out-of-the-box analysis of topics, context-specific in hundreds of learned domains, with learned synonyms and related topics, as well as the ability to detect moods and emotions, and personal-related data of all kinds.

What are the infrastructure requirements for CONTEXTSUITE ?

CONTEXTSUITE is installed by deploying docker containers. The only requirement is Linux as operating system. The software can be installed on-premise, in own data centers as well as in cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, …) and orchestrated and operated using Kubernetes.

How scalable is CONTEXTSUITE ?

The architecture of CONTEXTSUITE offers maximum freedom and flexibility in terms of scalability. Deployment scales from specialized solutions for individual departments to global digital business models. Due to the simple dimensioning and orchestration by means of docker and Kubernetes, the use pays off even for small installations – but offers all possibilities of expansion in flexible expansion stages.

Which security standards does CONTEXTSUITE meet?

CONTEXTSUITE protects your most valuable data through encryption – both at the level of data and communication. Authentication is performed via the company’s own security framework. This manages roles and rights for the central installation and thus supports multiple clients on one platform. Single sign-on login and integration into company-wide authorization systems (AD, SAML) is also supported.

As a solution, CONTEXTSUITE itself is increasingly being used with a view to increased data security and data protection requirements. The protection of sensitive information as well as the deletion of personal data requires first of all to know which information is distributed in the company. CONTEXTSUITE automatically analyzes and classifies all information in your company, both thematically and according to sensitivity. And thus helps you to secure your intellectual capital.

How long does it take to implement concrete solutions with CONTEXTSUITE ?

After installing CONTEXTSUITE and connecting at least one source, the software can be used immediately and delivers an initial solution in just a few days with the standard applications using the integrated AI models.

Customer- and process-specific solutions require the connection of different sources and an optimized configuration of the analysis pipeline (Smart Data Pipeline). Depending on the use case and requirements, AI models can also be trained on your own data. Another option when implementing CONTEXTSUITE is the integration of the services as well as the enriched data via standard APIs into data-carrying systems and applications.

In addition, moresophy and selected partners also offer web-based services for immediate use based on CONTEXTSUITE .

Which license and usage models are available for CONTEXTSUITE ?

CONTEXTSUITE can be operated both independently (on premises) and as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The licensing model is based on the specific use case, the value added by means of the software and scaling in terms of the data processed. For this reason, its use is already worthwhile for small organizations that place high demands on the data quality and automation of their core processes.

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