The moresophy story

In 2000, two physicists with doctorates decided to quit their lucrative jobs in the software industry – and do “their own thing”.
After 3 months of intensive research in their own living room, they found their mission:
It was their deepest conviction that the next great stage of operational value creation lies in enabling computers to generate added value from unstructured information and automate knowledge-based processes.

Technology leadership since 2001 –
Artificial intelligence from the beginning

The name MORESOPHY was born and is still the name of the company’s mission: to create “more wisdom”.

What was unimaginable back then is now reality and we call it “Artificial Intelligence”. And indeed, MORESOPHY has been investing in these technologies since 2001. As early as 2003, MORESOPHY received a first industrial property right for its first product with an assistance mechanism based on a neural network.

At the time, there was hardly any market for the technology – and not even scalable infrastructures. These did not emerge until 15 years later with cloud computing. But the two physicists pursued their vision consistently and sustainably. This enabled them to convince leading companies of the added value of their solution at an early stage.

Innovation partner for leading companies

Inspired by technology – but driven by the need to generate real business value – MORESOPHY developed a wealth of experience in concepts, processes and technologies over more than two decades. This makes it possible to condense, interpret and prepare even completely unstructured information and cryptic character strings in such a way that maximum benefit is created for the company. In finance or media – in the enterprise or scaling to Big Data on the Internet.

Transforming unstructured data into added value

MORESOPHY has lived interdisciplinarity since the beginning: with a steadily growing crowd of computational linguists, software developers, IT architects and data engineers. physicists as well as computer scientists, linguists as well as business economists. With employees from more than 10 nations and a flair for developing the right talent.

Interdisciplinarity is reflected in a comprehensive view of the opportunities as well as the risks of using automated intelligent systems, an understanding of data, people and processes, and the know-how of how to reconcile all of this.

Strong together

The maxims of the company’s actions have always been values such as responsibility for the well-being of people and society, the responsible and transparent use of artificial intelligence, and the protection of privacy.

Thus, MORESOPHY today has a unique technology and platform that makes data maximally useful and valuable for business.

Alternative to dependence on large platforms

Until today, MORESOPHY is independent, reliable and consciously a real alternative to offers of large platforms, whose perceived omnipotence increasingly bears incalculable risks for companies: one-sided dependency, intransparency, lack of customer proximity.

Drivers of data-based value creation

With partners such as PwC or Accenture, long-term customer relationships with market leaders such as Deutsche Telekom or Haufe Lexware, MORESOPHY today naturally stands behind business models of the digital age as a reliable driver of data-based value creation.

Foundation of MORESOPHY

MORESOPHY GmbH is founded by two physicists.


First property right

MORESOPHY receives intellectual property rights for its first product with an assistance mechanism based on a neural network.



Solution for automation in claims management

Since 2008
Since 2008


Integration into customer and service portals



Data-driven publishing


AI Turnaround

New development CONTEXTSUITE platform


Spin-Off Relemind

Startup for privacy-compliant advertising targeting


Partnership with PwC


Award for cloud solution

CONTEXTSUITE‘s cloud solution was awarded best media solution 2022


New partnerships

Strategic cooperation with Denodo and GFT



Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier


"Responsibility is our maxim and the highest professionalism our standard. As an owner-managed and self-financed company, we bear responsibility. For us, this means loyalty and proximity to employees, customers and partners.
Day by day."

Dr. Christoph Schmidt


"Self-financing gives us the freedom to focus on exciting technologies and make decisions freely. This has enabled us to develop from a visionary data specialist into an established software company. This enthusiasm for technology spurs us on again and again."


Founder and Managing Partner

Heiko Beier is committed to ensuring that our range of products and services fits perfectly with our customers’ wishes. They appreciate our trusting and transparent cooperation. He is responsible for strategy, product management and sales.

As an expert for smart data, semantic information and knowledge management as well as an entrepreneur “of the first Internet hour”, he is a valued advisor to our customers when it comes to developing new business models from content strategies and applications.

Heiko Beier has been involved in digital development for more than 20 years and has played a key role in developing and driving forward topics such as knowledge management, e.g. in Bitkom. As a particle physicist, he analyzed huge amounts of data at a time when the Internet was still a highly complex specialty accessible only to scientists: the birth of the Semantic Web. At the University of Applied Languages in Munich, Heiko Beier works as a Professor for International Media Communication active. His areas of focus include semantic web, semantic analysis and control methods, and digital business models.


Founder and Managing Partner

Christoph Schmidt is the managing director responsible for software development and project management.

A theoretical physicist, software expert and experienced project manager – he combines these experiences for MORESOPHY in his role as solution provider.

He is passionate about the success of our customers. They rely on his enthusiasm and deep technological understanding for years.

Christoph Schmidt has more than 20 years of experience in software development and management of large projects. And thus have the competence and foresight to distinguish trends and hypes from economically successful long-term solutions with a foundation.

It simply sums up the attitude of our company and all our employees: “Our team of experts is passionate about fully penetrating the requirements and needs of our customers in all details and understanding their business processes in order to develop and reliably implement the best possible solution – “hands on” is our motto.”

Arne Rauscher

Head of Solutions

"Our mission is to provide precise analysis for a wide variety of language domains and issues. Effective and best-in-class.
With custom-fit solutions for our customers: from semantic search in the customer portal to high-quality security classification systems to high-precision relation extraction from unstructured texts."

Dr. Dimitar Denev

Head of Product

"Our Cognitive Computing architecture is the result of systematic calculation and expertise paired with strong team spirit, creativity and passion. Thanks to the open and inspiring atmosphere at MORESOPHY, we have managed to develop a mature AI platform with CONTEXTSUITE that gives us as a company a commanding edge over the increasing competition in the Big Data space."

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