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MORESOPHY understands the challenges of the financial industry and supports you to master them on the level of your data world in an agile and sustainable way.

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Using smart data to achieve superior dark processing in a proven process model.

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With specialist and technological expertise, in-house developed AI and standardized solution modules.

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You too can take advantage of today’s most important technology.

With the MORESOPHY platform, you achieve rapid success thanks to a wide range of AI models pre-trained by MORESOPHY, standardized analysis pipelines and smart application components that can be flexibly integrated.

Our offer is aimed at

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Business Departments

  • Product and risk management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer service
  • Business organization in insurance companies
  • IT and information security
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Data management, analytics and AI departments

  • AI-assisted cleansing and anonymization of data
  • Data enrichment, contextualization and mapping
  • Classification and entity extraction
  • Cloud-agnostic, privacy-compliant Big Data / AI architectures.

You benefit

Icon Business Departments

in business departments of

  • Reliable, cost-effective implementation of advanced data analytics applications
  • From expert systems to process automation and dark processing
  • High transparency and comprehensibility in the use of artificial intelligence
  • Agile implementation in close coordination with and empowerment of the specialist departments
  • rapid success and short time-to-market
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in data management, analytics and AI departments of

  • Optimized data quality
  • Universally deployable AI models for diverse Natural Language Understanding tasks.
  • Standardized components for flexible data analysis pipelines
  • Optimized processes for data preparation and evaluation

MORESOPHY has implemented countless use cases for the financial industry in hundreds of projects over 20 years.

Based on standardized solution components and a proven process model.

So we are sure to find the ideal solution for you too.

A selection of some already implemented smart
AI solutions in the financial industry

Damage & Performance

Optimize and automate review and application processes (from claims review to sick pay application).

Data analytics cockpits on arbitrarily structured and arbitrarily large data sets for informed reliable decisions in real time.

Sales & Service

Optimized customer approach thanks to a data-driven understanding of customer needs.

Optimization of customer service through intelligently automated contract information and self-service functions in the online channel.

Automation of digital sales channels with intelligent search and recommendation functions.

Risk & Product

Analysis, early detection, and mitigation of risks associated with cancellations, inventory migration, or fraud.

AI-supported inventory migration

Data security: Protection of sensitive and confidential data thanks to intelligent automation of classification, anonymization, and DSGVO-related information retrieval and deletion routines.

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What our users say

“With MORESOPHY, we lift the treasure of unstructured data for our customers. This is how we secure intellectual capital, enable comprehensive data governance and compliance with the GDPR.”

Jörg Asma, Partner in the Cyber Security & Privacy practice at PwC Germany

“It is our goal to pay our eligibles their compensation with the same level of confidence and performance that we, as consumers, have become accustomed to in the digital world. We’ve been able to see that MORESOPHY’s advanced data analytics techniques deliver demonstrable quantitative benefits.”

Marc Westphal, Division Manager IT – Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH

Smart software solutions for high-quality, relevant data with expressiveness and structure for automated, data-driven processes.

CONTEXTSUITE Platform Applications

Our platform

  • Visual analytics and semantic search on arbitrary (un)structured data
  • Unique data quality based on AI-assisted aggregation, cleansing and enrichment of data
  • Modular AI services for flexible integration into processes and application systems
  • Multiple AI models trained independently by moresophy for fast transfer and application to your data
  • Support for preparation, training and evaluation of own AI models

Our technology

  • Extensive, pre-trained AI models / language models for classification and extraction of entities in different languages (including German and Chinese) for a unique semantic understanding of texts.
  • Knowledge Graph from Big Data analytics with information about relationships and context-specific word meanings in > 700 domains.
  • Freely scalable platform architecture that grows with your needs and meets the highest data protection requirements.
  • AI-generated dictionaries for linguistic analysis
Governance privacy exellence
Smart Data Principle MORESOPHY

Our core competencies

  • Data Analytics and Smart Data Pipelines
  • Optimize data quality with AI
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Transfer Learning

More information

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