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Reliable and secure – with your own AI


With CONTEXTSUITE, you act far-sightedly and sustainably – thanks to artificial intelligence that reliably, safely and comprehensively looks ahead for you.

AI for Risk & Compliance – You benefit from maximum protection of your intellectual property as well as strengthened resilience in your supply chains, business operations and regulatory compliance.

It’s all based on Artificial Intelligence that you can control and adapt to your needs – for reliable, traceable results in line with AI regulation.

Data Protection

AI for reliable protection of information

With CONTEXTSUITE, you automatically detect and protect sensitive personal information from unauthorized third-party access.

This minimizes the risk of financial and reputational damage that can result from leaking confidential information. All this without entrusting your data to a centralized AI – but with your own “in-house AI”.

Read documents from all internal systems Recognise & understand sensitive information Protect personal data Encrypt Delete

Context-sensitive data loss prevention

How do you reliably identify sensitive information in a standardized way across any type of organization, industry or department – from R&D, production and sales to C-level management?
Content can take any form: from medical reports to merger and acquisition due diligence, from sensitive content in HR to strategic projects in R&D. In connection with personal data or highly confidential intellectual property.

Sunburst Content Categories

CONTEXTSUITEuses patent-pending algorithms to enrich the document with weighted semantic metadata of various types. Context sensitive in over 700 different topics.

Trained with extensive content and immediately applicable to any type of content.

CONTEXTSUITEAI has been trained to detect different types of risks in content by identifying patterns in the text.
These cover a broad spectrum, including illiquidity, sustainability, death or injury, weapons, illicit drugs, climate change, or pandemics.

Risk Categories
Context specific phrases from CONTEXTSUITE

Context sensitive phrases

CONTEXTSUITEidentifies the phrases that are most relevant to the content. Relevance depends on the context of the text. In this way, the most sensitive phrases can be reliably identified.

Comprehensive compliance – scalable and automated with AI

Whether DSGVO, KRITIS or own IT security guidelines:

Using CONTEXTSUITE‘s AI-powered solution, you can continuously scan, analyze, and identify all information across multiple document repositories enterprise-wide. This includes all types of documents such as file shares or Sharepoint, emails, Office documents or PDFs, and cloud or on-premises solutions.

All documents are automatically classified. The unique AI even allows the review of existing classifications.

AI classification with CONTEXTSUITE

Automated risk discovery

How do you reliably identify sensitive information in a standardized way in any type of organization, industry or department – from R&D, production and sales to C-level management?
Content comes in any form, from medical reports and due diligence in mergers & acquisitions to sensitive content in HR or strategic projects in R&D. These could include personal data or highly confidential intellectual property.

Risk analysis dashboard with CONTEXTSUITE

What risks do you face from the loss of sensitive information (e.g., from a cyber attack)?

An “Information Risk Audit” is your starting point for building resilience. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your enterprise-wide distributed information assets and reveals the extent to which sensitive information is unprotected.

The risk audit is performed by experienced specialists from MORESOPHY‘s partner network. It forms the basis for deriving an implementation strategy. With CONTEXTSUITE, you can systematically identify your information security risks and minimize them automatically through the use of AI – whether through cloud migration, automated deletion concepts or encryption.

Raising awareness and supporting your employees

CONTEXTSUITE‘s AI works automatically in the background, allowing your employees to focus on their core tasks for the first time, while freeing them from administrative tasks such as document classification.

By integrating it into your office environment, employees are simultaneously sensitized to a conscious approach to information security and the need for systematic classification.

The Classification Tooltip of CONTEXTSUITE in Microsoft M365



Protect your intellectual property and strengthen the resilience of your supply chain with our AI-powered compliance software. Discover

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CONTEXT ANALYSIS of the data analytics platform CONTEXTSUITE

Data Protection

Early indication of risks through comprehensive monitoring of internal and external sources

Enhance your risk assessment and financial forecasting capabilities by monitoring signals from internal and external information with AI technology.

Learn more: Blog article on identifying risks in Big Data



Early indication of operational risks by evaluating external influencing factors:

        • Potential threats in production, sales or personnel
        • Political and social conflicts
        • Effects of climate change
        • Dynamic market developments
        • Disruptive technology trends


AI-based preparation of qualitative information for standardized ESG reporting to be included in company valuations / due diligences for automated auditing of own investment portfolio according to PRI to strengthen trust towards investors and stakeholders.

Trusted AI

Customized AI in line with regulatory requirements

With ChatGPT, the disruptive potential of “Natural Language Understanding” as the supreme discipline of Artificial Intelligence has arrived in the breadth of business and society. At the same time, the risks become obvious:

      • Who is liable for the validity of the results generated by AI?
      • Who is liable for actions triggered by AI?
      • How do AI developers ensure that AI acts fairly and appropriately and does not discriminate or misjudge affected individuals or organizations?
      • How can companies apply AI to their internal data without having to hand it over to cloud providers?

CONTEXTSUITEanswers all these questions. The platform provides all the necessary components for companies to develop their own AI systems – securely, reliably and based on their own data.

CONTEXTSUITEis being funded again this year by the

decision of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, CONTEXTSUITE is being funded again this year.

CONTEXTSUITE is funded by the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection
AI Model Evaluations with CONTEXTSUITE

With CONTEXTSUITEyou develop your own AI – and can directly test and evaluate how well and reliably it works.

In doing so, CONTEXTSUITEdelivers more than technical key figures, but rather vivid and comprehensible insights about the quality of your AI models – comprehensible all the way to the training data.

Training data of the AI models can be evaluated with CONTEXTSUITE

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