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You are looking for a non-proprietary platform, to analyze content without tedious project setups and to automate content-related processes?

CONTEXTSUITE is a standard architecture for Cognitive Computing. And integrates the unique Deep-Context Technology in a component-based platform for fast and reliable implementation of solutions on a matured technology stack.

On-Premise, off the cloud or hybrid. According to your needs.


Sophisticated Smart Data Pipeline

High end solution for high-value data with expressiveness and structure

Exploit both small data and gigantic bulk data within global corporates

Co-operation with the business enabler MORESOPHY

Ample Experience in business process, digitalization, markets, customer and products.

High competence and passion for forward-looking technology

One platform for the whole enterprise

Cost reduction and learning transfer across applications and business units even in large corporates

360 degree view on digital workflows – internal and external

High dynamics and versatile adaption to critical challenges like GDPR


Cognitive, self-learning procedures
Understanding human thinking, emotions and actions

Data waste? Zero!

From unstructured content to Smart Data:

Process text, images, videos.

Even huge data streams

Within different communication channels

Recognize and interpret patterns and categories,

Develop and apply models

Adaptively: sensitive to customers, content-pools and contexts

Innate, pre-trained world knowledge by more than 18 years of experience:

Market segments, emotions, entities and more than 10 M contextualized semantic concepts

Sophisticate linguistics and semantics

Control Relevance within search and matching


Elasticsearch with cognitive intelligence

Compatible with all standard sources and formats

High reliability of models and forecasts

Simple aggregation and source-spanning connection of repositories (internal and external)

Different Machine learning procedures

Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

Validly recognize rules and patterns, generalize and make decisions

Deep Learning

Go one step deeper with neural networks

Statistics, data mining and the right algorithms work in the background

Visual dashboards with high level usability and expressive power

Standardized and component-based

Easily scalable and customizable to coroporate needs

Fast integration by flexible middleware architecture: in all platforms (online shops, CMS, search engines) or as out-of-the-box solution with intuitive web interfaces.

One API for all components – with high performance


High Performance Search App, with integrated understanding of user intent

Understanding user queries: each query gives results
Terminology and concepts are implicitly understood
Smart search suggestions: self-learning, automated
Intelligent Ranking
effective search filters
editorial control


Bring together the important with the right

Flexible Matching of arbitrary data and conten
Matching of product data, various content from marketing, sales, security etc.
Simply connect and evaluate information
Preview and quality control of matches in freely configurable dashboards
Intelligent dialogs lead your way through semantic information architecture


Insights on distributed data of all kind

Decisive insights – tailored to your company
Real time assessment based upon Smart Data Pipeline
Visual Dashboard configuration by combination of different visual charts based on Smart Data built from Big data
Highly interactive exloration of correlations of all data elements
Detecting Trends, issues, focus points and anomalies


CONTEXTSUITE offers standardized components.

Freely scalable and distributable.

Ready to run in different cloud environments.

Intelligent data services and effective standard applications.


The heart of the platform. All Smart Data are managed in the central No-SQL store and can flexibly be queried by means of semantic search.

Smart Data Pipeline

The Smart Data factory within the platform. Real time and mass data analytics for generating expressive smart data across various channels and data sources.

Pipelines for trend monitoring, generating semantic knowledge graphs or matching of arbitrary content objects.

AI Service Hub
The brain of the platform. The AI Service Hub does not only provide state-of-the-art machine learning procedures. It also includes numerous pre-trained AI models, including the patent-pending DEEP CONTEXT models.
Smart Search
A semantic search application with superior filtering functions and adaptive self-learning algorithms for intelligent suggestions and relevance ranking.

Applicable for end-users as well as editors and administrators – for editorial control and interactive training of AI models.

Visual Analytics
Data visualisation with special focus on interpreting and evaluating bulk unstructured information.

Combines methods of text analysis with classical data mining for a unique insights machine.

CONTEXTSUITE protects your most valuable data through encryption – both on data and communication level. Authentication is carried out via an integrated security framework.

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