MORESOPHY has been a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics for over 21 years.
Founded by renowned physicists and independently managed since then.


Agile and fast, MORESOPHY’s software can be customized and integrated into your system with a perfect fit.


With the interdisciplinary team of physicists, programmers, developers, and linguists, all areas are developed in-house.


As a Trusted Partner of PwC and Accenture, MORESOPHY meets the highest security standards.


Data Driven Solutions.

For more than 20 years, MORESOPHY has been activating new potentials from untapped data treasures – for increased productivity, innovation and sustainable competitive advantages of its customers and partners.

With MORESOPHY you can take your business to a new level. Receive high-quality data from distributed sources automatically processed and empower your people and systems to make more qualified, prudent decisions. Integrated into our partners ‘ solutions or directly into your own systems. MORESOPHY delivers comprehensive insights quickly and reliably – via visual dashboards and smart search solutions or integrated into your application systems via API.

Customer Success Stories

customer: INSURANCE


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A full implementation and end-to-end automation of a digital application process.

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per year in processing time in testing and communication processes.

customer: automotive supplier


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Classified automatically by confidentiality using a custom AI model, saving the company from losing valuable intellectual capital

customer: telecommunications company


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through MORESOPHY’s intelligent search application and recommendation systems, and

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thanks to AI-based sentiment analysis to identify the most urgent and emotional customer issues and then address them personally and quickly.

Focus markets and applications already implemented

Media industry MORESOPHY


Wherever you need to reliably plan, produce and deliver the right content to the right target groups, MORESOPHY delivers the critical data and intelligent solutions.

Maketing Intelligence

  • CONTEXTCLOUD: Data-driven content and campaign strategy
  • CONTEXTCLOUD: Analysis of target group interests
  • CONTEXTCLOUD : SWOT and market analyses
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Semantic Content Optimization


  • CONTEXTCLOUD: Data analysis platform for intelligent portfolio analyses and comprehensive competitive comparisons
  • Content analysis and meta-data enrichment
  • Semantic search
  • Intelligent recommendations and links

Protection and exploitation of rights

  • Cleanup, qualification and matching of uses.
  • Detection of fraud and usage rights violations
Risk & Compliance

Risk / Compliance

Risk management and information security benefit from comprehensive 360° analyses from distributed internal and external sources – and identify risks before they lead to serious problems.

Risk Management

  • KYC analyses for B2B customers
  • Analysis, early detection, mitigation of cancellation & fraud.

Legal Support

  • Analysis and optimization
    of contract portfolios
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence Support

Data Privacy

  • Automated identification and deletion of personal data
  • Anonymization of data

Information Security

  • Automated classification of documents according to
    Sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Content-aware IAM


Wherever insurers and banks have to make a decision based on a multitude of information and data, our software platform CONTEXTSUITE delivers powerful solutions.

Damage and performance

  • Automation of verification & application processes
  • Intelligent damage assessment
  • Data enrichment for RPA processes
  • Data analytics for recourse and fraud

Sales and service

  • Automated contract information
  • 360° support for customer service

Risk & Product

  • AI-supported analysis and evaluation of inventories
  • AI-supported inventory migration
  • Big data analytics for underwriting

Why you should consider alternatives beyond major platforms

Trusted AI

Trusted AI

As a user of AI-assisted predictions, you are liable for the impact:
How do you ensure reliability?
Don’t rely on black box models from the cloud!

With CONTEXTSUITE & CONTEXTCLOUD you get software as well as data from one source – from the manufacturer – with maximum possible transparency.

Data-centric AI

An AI is only as good as the data it is trained on.
Cloud providers do not offer transparency on training data.

With CONTEXTSUITE, you gain both insight into the data fundamentals and the ability to independently prepare data systematically for training purposes.

Explainable AI

To be successful with AI, you need to understand and master AI.

With CONTEXTSUITE, you get deep insights into your data and reasoned guidance on how and why AI evaluates something this way or that way right from the start.

Data sovereignty and responsibility for data

Your data is unique and an irreplaceable component of your business assets. Think carefully about the hands into which they put them.
Avoid dependency and lock-ins of large cloud platforms.

Distinguish what you do in the cloud and what you “keep to yourself.”

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Develop your business!

Get in touch with MORESOPHY and let the countless successful use cases convince you. MORESOPHY is sure to find a tailor-made solution for you, too, how you can sustainably automate your business with data support.

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