For more than 20 years MORESOPHY has established itself as an expert for well-founded, quickly realizable solutions around Smart Cognitive Computing for long-term successful companies. With CONTEXTSUITE, we offer companies overarching intelligence, united within a forward-looking technology platform that understands even your most unstructured data and content, interprets it in the context of real people, and lets you evaluate it. The results enable companies to identify and exploit new, profitable business potential.

MORESOPHY thus offers smart software solutions for high-quality, relevant data with expressiveness and structure. The company’s own standard software CONTEXTSUITE and the data analysis platform CONTEXTCLOUD operated as SaaS from the cloud for intelligent portfolio analyses and comprehensive competitive comparisons combine artificial intelligence, machine learning methods and sophisticated semantics for searching, matching, structuring and analyzing data and content of every conceivable type, from internal and external sources, of every scope.

With more experience with large corporations and technology, founders on the customer and partner side, we advise you successfully, because with our customers we share a strong role in the evolution of digital business models and processes.



Success is based on MORESOPHY’s expertise as an interdisciplinary developer and trainer of artificial intelligence: CONTEXTSUITE is pre-trained, brings models, concepts, world knowledge and adapts versatil to the individual industry – to companies, processes, content, products and expertise. And continues to learn with you constantly.

How does that work?

Through our experience with business processes and digitalization, through understanding of markets, customer needs, their products, and processes.



Success is also based on the transfer of the overarching intelligence and technology platform throughout the entire company – as a central interface for cognitive computing with smart data across all technologies and communication channels – easily integrated into any specific IT landscape.

Where do you benefit from this?

Across the enterprise: Information security, business processes such as compliance, recruiting, e-business, online marketing, sales, customer service, editorial workflows of digital professional and media.



In more than 20 years, we have established ourselves as innovative.
With solution competence, founding spirit and foresight. This enables us to identify opportunities for companies as business enablers. We support them in optimizing their processes, developing new business models and putting them into practice.

Who is already benefiting?

This is the basis for our long-standing partnerships with leading e-commerce providers, insurance companies, publishers and editors, telecommunications companies, and manufacturers in technology and industry.



Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier (CEO)

Founder and Managing Partner

Heiko Beier is committed to ensuring that our range of products and services fits perfectly with our customers’ wishes. They appreciate our trusting and transparent cooperation. He is responsible for strategy, product management and sales. As an expert for smart data, semantic information and knowledge management as well as an entrepreneur “of the first Internet hour”, he is a valued advisor to our customers when it comes to developing new business models from content strategies and applications.

Heiko Beier has been involved in digital development for more than 20 years and has played a key role in developing and driving forward topics such as knowledge management, e.g. in Bitkom. As a particle physicist, he analyzed huge amounts of data at a time when the Internet was still a highly complex specialty accessible only to scientists: the birth of the Semantic Web. At the University of Applied Languages in Munich, Heiko Beier works as a
Professor for International Media Communication
active. His areas of focus include semantic web, semantic analysis and control methods, and digital business models.

“Responsibility is our maxim and the highest professionalism our standard. As an owner-managed and self-financed company, we bear responsibility. For us, this means loyalty and proximity to employees, customers and partners.
Day by day.”

Dr. Dimitar Denev (Head of Product)

“Our Cognitive Computing architecture is the result of systematic calculation and expertise coupled with strong team spirit, creativity and passion. Thanks to the open and inspiring atmosphere at MORESOPHY, we have managed to develop a mature AI platform with CONTEXTSUITE that gives us as a company a commanding lead over the increasing competition in the Big Data space.”

Dr. Christoph Schmidt (CTO)

Founder and Managing Partner

Christoph Schmidt is the managing director responsible for software development and project management. A theoretical physicist, software expert and experienced project manager – he combines these experiences for MORESOPHY in his role as solution finder.

He is passionate about the success of our customers. They rely on his enthusiasm and deep technological understanding for years.
Christoph Schmidt has more than 20 years of experience in software development and management of large projects. And thus have the competence and foresight to distinguish trends and hypes from economically successful long-term solutions with a foundation.
It simply sums up the attitude of our company and all of our employees: “Our team of experts is enthusiastic about Requirements and needs of our customers to fully penetrate in all details and to Understand business processes, in order to best possible solution and implement it reliably – “hands on” is our motto.”

“Self-financing gives us the freedom to focus on exciting technologies and make decisions freely. This has enabled us to develop from a visionary data specialist into an established software company. This enthusiasm for technology spurs us on again and again.”

Arne Rauscher (Head of Solutions)

“Our mission is to provide precise analysis for a wide variety of language domains and issues. Effective and best-in-class.
With custom-fit solutions for our customers: from semantic search in the customer portal to high-quality security classification systems to high-precision relation extraction from unstructured texts.”




Information Security

Trusted AI

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Business Development

Financial Services

Digital collaboration

Web portals

Digital education

Legal Tech

Risk & Compliance

Supply chain monitoring

Content management

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Data Virtualization

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Information Security

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Financial Services

Content creation


Organic visibility

Digital Publishing

Workflow management

Media Asset Management



Online Marketing

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