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Are you facing the complex challenge of managing sensitive data and ensuring compliance within your organisation?
MORESOPHY’s Enterprise Information Audit has the solution for the following roles:

For Legal and Compliance Teams

Are you struggling with meeting diverse regulations like KRITIS, GDPR, Dora, and others? Do you need a flexible solution to report to various stakeholders while ensuring full compliance?

For IT and Data Management Professionals

Do you find it challenging to identify unknown data and adapt to specific terminologies within your area or business? Are you looking for a way to balance minimal risk with maximum knowledge sharing? Do you need to reduce the costs of cloud storage but don’t know what to delete?

For Business Owners and CIOs

Are you in need of an efficient strategy for classifying your existing data, validating the quality and consistency of classifications, and optimizing classification technology with minimal expert intervention?

“With MORESOPHY, we uncover the treasure trove of unstructured data for our customers. In this way, we secure intellectual capital, enable comprehensive data governance and GDPR compliance”

Jörg Asma, Partner in the Cyber Security & Privacy division at PwC Germany

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Master your data

Revolutionize Your Information Management

  • Breakthrough Data Intelligence: Leverage the power of MORESOPHY’s CONTEXTSUITE AI platform for advanced cloud data management and governance.
  • Comprehensive Content Comprehension: Understand every piece of content, from medical reports to R&D projects, with CONTEXTSUITE’s ability to detect crucial information across various departments.
  • Enhanced Metadata Enrichment: Automatically enrich documents with semantic metadata in over 700 subject areas, ensuring robust compliance and risk management.
  • Cost-efficient Data Strategy: Achieve significant cost savings with AI-driven Deletion and our cost-efficient CONTEXTSUITE AI. Automatically identify and eliminate unnecessary data, reducing cloud storage expenses and optimizing your organization’s data management budget.
  • Proactive Information Analysis: Our solution scans and analyzes your data, preventing unexpected costs and security risks associated with cloud storage.

Secure your data, cut storage costs, simplify compliance, and gain unparalleled insight with ‘Enterprise Information Audit‘.


Advanced Data Discovery

AI-driven Data Deletion and 
Storage Cost Optimization


Seamless integration with Microsoft Security and Compliance Platform (MIP and Data Loss Prevention)

Why choose Enterprise Information Audit?

  • AI-Driven Insights: Navigate through complex data effortlessly.
  • Advanced Data Loss Prevention: Protect sensitive information with sophisticated AI algorithms.
  • Cost-Effective Management: Reduce operational expenses and maximize efficiency.
  • Seamless Compliance: Adhere to industry regulations with ease, including GDPR and more.
  • Sustainable AI Efficiency: Benefit from CONTEXTSUITE’s resource-efficient AI, offering scalable solutions without the excessive costs and environmental impact of large foundation models. Our AI provides sustainable, cost-effective intelligence, setting a new standard in eco-friendly and budget-friendly data management.


Our solution is cloud-native and can be deployed to your Azure instance with a single click. 
For more complex deployments, a hybrid architecture may be required (cloud & on-premises).

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Advanced Data Intelligence

Harness the power of CONTEXTSUITE AI for deep insights across 700 areas, enhancing your data governance and decision-making processes.

Efficient Cloud Storage Management

Optimize your cloud storage with our solution, identifying and eliminating redundant data, leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ensure top-notch security and meet compliance standards, including GDPR, with our comprehensive data analysis and management tools.


AI-Driven Data Optimization

Leverage AI to dynamically manage and secure your data, from automated document classification to proactive cyber threat defense.

Smart and Sustainable AI Utilization

Combine the best of both worlds with CONTEXTSUITE’s AI strategy. Our approach integrates adaptive AI for complex tasks and sustainable, resource-efficient AI for everyday data management, ensuring a cost-efficient, eco-friendly solution. This strategic blend not only reduces cloud storage costs but also aligns with modern, sustainable business practices


Enter a new age of data management with MORESOPHY’s ‘Enterprise Information Audit,’ empowered by CONTEXTSUITE AI. This cutting-edge tool simplifies your data governance, providing affordable storage solutions, improved security, and enhanced compliance. It’s more than just data management; it’s about turning data into a vital asset to make sharper, safer decisions for your organization.

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Embrace future-proof technology that assists your company during necessary transformations and staff training, guaranteeing thorough regulatory compliance.

If you’re facing such challenges, the ‘Enterprise Information Audit‘ from MORESOPHY is your ultimate solution.

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